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The Backyard Naturalists podcasts is geared toward nature lovers of all kinds, from beginners to those with more experience. We have a very diverse lineup of topics planned for you, such as  what you can do in your own yard to enhance the habitat for the creatures who live there, participating in the Great Backyard Bird Count as a citizen scientist, using native plants, which snakes live in our area,  how to attract specific birds, common and uncommon raptors in the greater Charlotte region, spring and fall migration season for birds, plants for butterflies and much more!

Oct 30, 2021


In this episode of The Backyard Naturalists podcast, Debbie and Laurie take a break from their series on certifying your natural wildlife habitat to talk about pumpkins. They share a few interesting facts and figures about our favorite round, orange squash and tie the conversation back to the wildlife benefits...

Oct 23, 2021

Believe it or not, both predators and prey need locations that provide cover. All types of wildlife require cover from inclement weather, too. That’s why The Backyard Naturalists share with you the many ways you can intentionally (and unintentionally) provide cover for the guests of your Certified Wildlife Habitat.


Oct 16, 2021

A safe place for a mother to raise her young is a key component in any Certified Wildlife Habitat. Join Debbie and Laurie as they review a few of the common and out of the ordinary places they've seen. They're not just talking birds, but snakes and other animals too.

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Oct 9, 2021

Food is another essential, required component of a wildlife habitat.  This week, Debbie and Laurie discuss which foods are consumed by which animals, and how you deliver the food for a particular species.  They'll also look at protecting the food from animals that don't know how to share!

Oct 2, 2021

Is that a copperhead !?!? Are snakes poisonous or venomous? What do I do if I find a snake in my yard? Reptile expert Jay Bell is the guest of The Backyard Naturalists this week and he answers these, plus many more snake related questions from Debbie and Laurie.